Heaven Must Just Be Like This

youre the epitome
of my dreams' prince charming.

Youre the one that sprawls through my mind
when I'm asleep.

Youre the first thought that comes into mind
when my eyes shutter open
and the light greets me adoo.

Your voice is the last one I hear
when reality goes adrift;
the one echoing in my ears through out the day;
the one that serenades me to sleep;
comforts me when the present is cruel;
and laughs when nobody is there.

You hold the eyes that show constant compassion and understanding;
never resting until I myself is at rest.

A simple smile from you melts the pain from my skin;
releasing me from this place full of sorrow.

Your touch sends chills up my spine;
yet brings also warm comfort from my toes up to my face.

Whenever I am ever so close to you,
it seems like I have died.
died and flew to heaven.

But isn't this already heaven?
a paradise whenever I am with you.
no more need to die if this is my fate.

To live here in a heaven, bound on Earth.
I will stay here my angel, my fiancé, my love.
my dear Gabriel.

Cine <3