Never to Forever

For every season
There's a treason
Every reason
It's filled with fiction

Read me like a book
Give me the hook
Feed me what you can cook
Taunt me with every look

Try each line
Tell me I'm divine
You want to be mine
And how my smile can shine

Is this what you'd thought be?
You would actually need me
It's not as easy to just flee
What a clichéd catastrophe

When you were fake
You realized I was a mistake

You took a big step away
And realized I've made you sway
Saw that you would pay
Begged that you could stay

I rufuse
I wouldn't lose
You're filled with such confuse
Love was never a failed muse

Now at my door, with flowers from the mart
I know you're about to start
I ask, before your lips part,
"Do you really want to give your heart?"

Kimberly Piet © 2008