The House Always Wins

Excited or broken faces
High rollers galore
Through jokers and aces
Keep coming for more

Slots keep going
Chings, chings, chings
The signs; brightly glowing
The place where angels shed wings

The pathetic poor man
Comes to make another bet
Lost so many times, he almost got a ban
Instead, he has a mile worth of debt

Nervous, as the neon light shine
He passes the chips
"Those will soon be mine,"
The words that died on his lips

Walking to the high roller table
Seating himself with the norm
The men could be found in a gambler's fable
With them. Could he really preform?

The owner excuses the dealer,
"He's mine. Take a five doll face,"
She walked, to take a ride in her four wheeler
The man looked up. Pity; there was no trace.

"Alright sir," the owner sighs,
"How bout this, lose once more and debt will be erased."
"But you will belong to me," he tightens his tie.
The man drew his head down, nodded, for the owner couldn't be faced.

The owner draws him from the other four
To another, and hands him the dies
Told the man he needed a certain score
How he needed snake eyes

The man took the dice, and a breath
Closed his eyes and unleashed his finality
The die is cast, will it be his death?
The dice is sets in, is not snake eyes, turn is now reality

His soul lost to hell,
The signs that advertise sins
Pathetic and poor knows too well,
The house always wins

Kimberly Piet © 2008