Carbon Copies

Everywhere I look I see
Carbon Copied girls
Screaming "look at me
I'm straved for attention"
It's a disease of epidemic proportion
But no pill or drug will cure this sickness
There is no quick fix
For under the fake tan layers
Are poor, misguided, brainwashed souls
who buy society's message
Of how to look, how to be, what to think
That a beautiful woman is a dress size and a breast size
Reject orginality
How long will it take before they finally see
Thats's not always how they have to be
Going with the flow
Following the status quo
That it's ok to challenge
To stand out
And have a mind of your own
Life requires you to think for yourself
To stand up and speak out
Or else risked being swallowed up
And washed away in its current
Because why be the same
When you can be different