I’m hungry,
But not in the sense you think,
I don’t hunger for food,
I hunger for you.
There you go laughing again,
Like I’m some pathetic child,
Obsessed with what I can’t have.

You half right
I am obsessed,
I’m obsessed with you,
But I’m no child,
In fact I’m all grown up.
You’d have noticed,
If you weren’t obsessed with her,
Like some pathetic child.
But she doesn’t love you,
She will never love you,
She may learn to like you,
But nothing more.

It’s like you’ll never love me either,
Even though I hope and pray you will
You’ll always think of me as a child,
The girl you teased,
Cheered up,
Laughed with,
Played with,
But never the adult.
Never the woman who held you close
Who comforted you.
You’re a fool,
But worse
I’m a fool for you.