Artificial Love

I want to fall deliciously and painfully in love.

I want to be the girl inside of the movie
Swept off my feet
Kissed in the rain

Is this possible?
Am I naive?

A brief moment of insanity
The two-faced feminist

Well, you can't have it all, can you?

How do you know what's bullshit and what's real?
In a world of landmines
Who is the fool and who is the idiot?


Conform to loose legs, wet lips, and sweaty bodies
It's only normal and natural after all
Go ahead
It's so easy

Don't you know that the price of being the strong,
Self-assured, self-determined individual that you are
The joys of not being brainwashed
Of not being sold anything...

S e l f

That's all that's left
You spend all of your words and
That's all that's left

A l o n e

Watch the crowd walk away from your soapbox
Empty-handed, Empty-minded,
Ready to sleep with the same ideas, motives,
Paint-by-numbers body
Kiss Kiss
Off with the light

That doesn't effect you though, right?

Because you're the warrior
The champion
The bringer of light
The one who won't settle for less

You can carry your soapbox for the following day
You can watch the one you think you've reached
Walk away, hand-in-hand with someone else

Because we all forgot that you're human
That single tear is just a defect
You're not supposed to cry
You're supposed to be the one who's strong--
For the rest of us

Watch your step.






It's a lot friendlier here
No need to fight
No need to over-analyze
No need to be yourself

Step through the metal detector

I'll need:
your mind
your soul
those pesky little wings
and that poor little worn out heart

Doesn't that feel better?

There's your kiss in the rain
Empty-handed, Empty-minded
Kiss kiss
Off with the light

It's just not the same when it's choreographed, is it?