Imagine having no time to play,
No time to talk, no time to stay.
Imagine someone needs you, they cannot wait
You have to go, no time to waste.

Imagine this, every day,
They need you now to ease the pain.
Imagine no time for friends, no time to play,
It’s like this for us every day.

Imagine now what we forsake.
They need you now, it makes you ache
Imagine now how hard it is
To be alone with a job like this.

Imagine now how we feel
To carry on all by ourselves
To look after one who should look after you
When it’s us who feel so ill.

Imagine now, a childhood snatched away
In a single moment, all in one day
Imagine now no time to weep
There’s still a kitchen I need to sweep.

Imagine now, a childhood lost.
Once we were happy and free
Now we’re carers, it’s all gone
Who’s left to care for you and me?