I’m still waiting on the earth to crumble.
And I’m waiting for the world to fall.
Please, stop telling me you are gonna
So I can stop waiting for your call.

I’ve never had to fake a smile
The world is such a happy place
Tell me that you are leaving
So I can forget about your face

This whole poem sounds like an insult
The words were just a prayer
Quit acting like you need me
Crying wolf will get you no where.

It’s always greener on the other side
I’ve always wondered what that meant
Let’s jump over the fence and see
You already did? Well tell me how it went

Why can’t people open there eye,
Why don’t you notice I’m here?
Left feels almost perfect
But it’s only if you’re near.

I’m definitely not a poet
And I can’t write you a song.
I guess I’ll never need to
Because you are taking so long.