Hope, A Four Letter Lie

Hope, a four letter word that means too much to me
Without it, many things in my life would not be
My darkest hours would be too dark
No light is coming, no morning song from a lark

Hope, a four letter word is something I can't trust
With it, breed the lies people love to discuss
The lies I tell myself, the lies I want to believe
Fall with grace from a liar's lips as they deceive

Hope, a four letter word that renders me blind
Believing in hope, I like to think all people are kind
The surface mirrored lies of hope are so misleading
Like shattered glass, it slices, and I keep bleeding

Hope, a four letter lie that means too much
All the twists and turns it creates with its touch
Hope, with all its misleading lies, is all I have in a way
So much so, that I know I'll keep believing in hope for one more day