He's Pete Wentz

Adrenaline pumps through my veins as the bass line shakes me to the core
Feet planted firmly on the thin metal gate
My hands reach forward toward the stage
And now I'm daring against the huge security guard in front of me

The scream erupts from my chest as he moves swiftly around the stage
All eyes are on the figure in the blinding light
Watching every motion, every turn
Critiquing every detail of the man
From the jet black hair at the top of his head
Down the bright clothing
Straight to the vibrant colored shoes covering his feet
He's the one everyone came to see

Paparazzi follows him like a loyal dog
Never turning away disappointed
Tabloids run his name like an epidemic
He's yesterday's news
He's tomorrow's front page
He's loved by millions
He's hated just the same
Maybe he's a piece of art
Maybe he's just a temporary flame
Ready to go out at any moment
Whatever he is, one thing is certain
He's Pete Wentz
The man who will not be forgotten