There Was A Life

In the dead of the night
tell me what do you see
will you close your eyes child
and just listen to me

and remember this now
hear the words that I say
as your story appears
at the end of the day

for my meeting with death
though it hass been delayed
I have run my hands over
the end of this blade

though the cut wasn't fatal
even though it was deep
well that wounds never heal
and the blood still seeps

are you scared of your life
are you scared of your death
though that day will arrive
well it hasn't come yet

as for all those mistakes
that you've mande in your life
must they stay as they are
or can we make them right

on this night take my hand
keep me near keep me close
and if I die first
could I not be your ghost

but again in this life
we should happen to meet
would you keep me so near
you could hear my heart beat

there are reasons to live
there are reasons to die
but the end's not the end
while your still alive