A Story Told

A World Of Black,
And Cataclysmic Music Tracks.
Your Definition Of Normal,
Is The Pandora's Box Of My Nightmares.

You Unleash Unto Me, A Mighty Demon,
One Im Not Yet Equipped To Tame.
Armed With Only One Bullet,
With Which I Hope To End The Pain.

Words To Whirl Around My Brain,
I Sob And I Plead.
And I Beg Of You, Please Refrain,
But You Stand There Still, You Laugh And Tease.

Will You Still Find It Funny,
When I Choke Back My Tears?

Will You Sit And Laugh,
When I Take Away My Fears?

Whos Gonna Be Taunting Who?
When Im The Ghost, Thats Haunting You.