I'm Always Here for You, Even If You Don't Want Me Anymore

You are my first and only love
The only one I told the truth to
You are my best friend
Lets hope this doesnt change

Id give up everything to be with you again
But I guess you just want to be friends
My heart is broken
But i'll live
Ive lived through the same broken heart before

You are always the one that i'll be dreaming of
The one i'll want to spend forever with
The one I want to wake up next to

But I guess that you dont love me anymore...
Or you just dont want me.

Fuck this shit im done
Maybe i'm better off dead and gone
I dont want anyone else. Ever

You wanted her and now i see
That you really didnt ever want to be with me
You probably just felt sorry for me

But I love you
And I always will
I'll never stop
I've loved you for three years
and i'll never stop