Fall From Grace

Story of my life,
Nothing seems right,
Not since the day we left.

Not since the day,
My hope was taken away,
Along with you and my dreams.

I wish I never left.

I want you to stay.
I wish you were here with me.
Right now.

Both of you are my everything.
One, a lover,
Other, my soul.

As much as it kills me,
I can’t do a thing about it.

I wish I never left.

Some say love,
It is a razor,
That leads your soul to bleed.

I say love,
It is a thorned rose,
And you, its only seed.

Never coming back.
I promise I will find you again.
One going, me staying, but I’ve already left.

Take my hand.



I can’t give you that much danger,
I can’t bear to loose you.

I love you.
I miss you.
I want you back.

I wish I never left.

Twenty fucking years later,
We meet again.
But I am too late.

I swear,
I say,
I will get revenge.

I wish
I never