The Joker

Here I stand, counting the minutes
I like to feel their pulse, racing through me
You might think it crude, even quite rude- but, I enjoy killing
Like sex you see, only I'm always in the mood

They look at me, I look at them
I am the fox, they are the hen
When I go in, to grab a little lunch
All they do- is scream and punch

'Oh let go, Oh let go!' they yell, my only reply is,
'I'll see you in hell,'
and when I begin to strangle and choke
I look down at the poor old bloke and say;
'I bid you good evening, I bid you goodbye.'
I looked at those, who were reading the poem, and grinned,
'Surely, there's nothing left to do, but now that they're gone...
I'll have to kill you, too.'