Pathetic soul, I am.
I lay on the ground crying.
Despairing and dying.


Psh, I bet my sadness fills YOU with pure bliss.
You're a horrible person, you who broke my heart, tore me apart.
Hmm, where do I start?

Well let's see, there's that one time where you abused me, accused me, showed me how much you liked to USE me. Yeah that's right, I was his play thing.
What a shame, it's all over now. I wiped the sweat from my brow, oh yeah. I was happy, he was gone.

I was brought to think that we would be linked together, forever. Yes I know, silly isn't it? The way he'd hit me, bite me, degrade and fight me. Oh yeah, it was fulfilling.

Do you really think I'm that stupid? Do you really think I enjoyed that?

DID YOU HAVE FUN? Oh yes, you did while you could. Psh, you? Misunderstood? No not at all, there are others like you. Ha, I hope you die. Sure that other girl, the one you left me for, she'll cry but I'll laugh.

The memories, oooh the memories. Sweet sincere still life, I'd move away from your touch knowing my feelings I COULD NOT TRUST. Though you managed to work your charm, reach out your arm and I'd take your hand thinking I'd understand where this was going!

Oh the moaning, the groaning, the mourning and scorning. It happened in that room where I knew it was just the beginning of the end.

And on that bed, I thought; the tears in my eyes THE ONES I DESPISE SO GREATLY, I thought..

How, how did I get here?
"Well I don't know, bitch. You tell me."
"I don't like your tone of voice."
"I know you don't, now come here." He snarled, I cried and tried to crawl away. He was the beast, and I was his PREY.

And on this very day
I lay on the ground crying.
Despairing and dying.

Did he really think I wanted this...?