You never do as you say,
You promise me this you promise me that
You always break your promises
You always do what you say you wont..

How can i ever begin to trust youu
How can i ever start to believe you
How can i when you never give me a chance
How can i when i dont know where to begin

Tell me how i can trust you
Tell me how you can do this to me?
Tell me what your going to do to help me
Tell me that you will keep your promises

I want to be able to trust you because at the moment i just cant
I have no reasons from you to help me start, everything i have is a lie
I never want to leave you but i dont know what else i can do
It kills me inside to know you lie to me and there is nothing i can do

I just want to say when you make a promise mean it
Dont break it once let alone twice because,
I don't know if i can stop myself from falling any harder
It hurts so much to just sit back and wait and to never recive what you have promised

Promise me one thing,

You will never break a promise to me again because if you do
it will push me over the edge and then i will be no more....