Drifting Away

I feel as if I don't even know,
Myself anymore,
Much less my friends.
I can feel myself drifting away.
I'm losing myself,
And everyone else,
Life's not worth living,
But I made a promise and
I'll keep it.
This empty life isn't worth keeping,
This feeling of worthlessness,
Isn't worth the laughs.
I'd rather die than feel this way!
This pain that I'm feeling,
Isn't worth the joy!
I'm still drifting,
I'm alone!
I need a friend.
But where are you?
I can't seem to find anyone,
Who'll listen to me!
Please don't let me keep,
Drifting away,
I'd rather die!
I see my friends,
I call for help, but,
I JUST keep drifting away!