my little angel

This poem is dedicated to a baby cat i was taking care of

Late at night in my bed
Against my face you rest your fuzzy head
You are but 2 weeks old
And yet you tiny thing i hold
Taken so rashly from your mom
Emotions explode in me like a bomb
When i think of the life you could live
And all the love my heat could give
I feel you now as you take your final breath
The now settled cloud of impending death
As I feel your life leave your frail little body
Tears of sorrow fall upon your fur
The memories with you all a blur
I'm laying you now in the cold ground now
My sorrow doubles while i question god why? How?
Well your at peace free from all pain
In your final resting place you've been lain
Twas a week ago when i first said "Hi"
Now it is time for my final goodbye.