A Day of Hate

Not interested bad person made mistakes issues all too aware.
Never learnt the rules whatever I made my own survival little interest.
Despondency is my brittle bride fragile and debauched.
Stupid slovenly itching smell body scotching plague.
Motivation stretching lines of egoist delusion.
Tester pot fetish and cathode ray placation.
Dream of a psychedelic requiem resembling vomit regulation.
Derisive heaven philosophy earth hell naivet.
Syllogism collusion solution.
Muse fight rip slash write take and make use of result.
Molecular rejection, cellular corrosion.
Pace pace smoke smoke stammer smirk dolls hang hearts bleed.
Past screams and future torments credence faith plea.
Eden beast imagination black form.
I forgot everything I forget.
Bored under impact kiss the worms and dream.
Pray to nothing and yes I will have milk with my tea.
One day I will be free.