Life is Death

Life is Death I bring with me a shroud of night, with my departure comes the light.

But one is the other, the other is one, wrong is right and right is wrong.

The sun and moon are as one breath, death is life and life is death.

The abyss from which the humans came, I see the mortals' final flame.

They always fear me, they hate me so, They curse me when it's time to go.

When the dead know peace; the mortals cry.

The dead know that it's good to die.

All will know my scythe's sharp sting, the lowliest beggar, the mightiest king.

The final sensation, the final sight, the final ending that no creature can fight.

But death is a blessing and life is a curse; those who prolong it will end up far worse.

When I come to them; wreathed in mist, we are one and the same; their name on my list.

All of the living will hear my call, For I am the Reaper; and I come to all.