Would You Still Say I'm Strong?

I came to you,
Sobbing, whinning, and complaining...
And still,
You think I'm strong.
I find this a puzzlement,
But then I guess,
You didn't see me,
When we parted ways.
You didn't see the way,
I clung to a teddy bear,
Old as I am,
Curled into a ball,
And cried my self to sleep,
Murmmering unintellegable phrases.
You don't see the me,
That hides in fear,
At every tiny little noise,
Cowering in terror,
In the middle of the night.
You see what I want you to see,
You see the woman I pretend to be...
Not the cowering child,
I really am inside...
And I guess,
That's how I always wanted it..
But it does make it hard,
When I suddenly realized,
I need someone,
Because when everyone thinks you're strong,
They don't think you need them...
But I do,
When things go bump in the night,
I need someone there,
Someone to say,
"Shh now.. It was only the thunder".
I need some one,
But they still think I'm strong.
What would they think if,
They saw the real me,
The me I was last night,
Cowering in fear,
Crying for my mommy,
And begging a teddy bear,
Not to leave me.
What would they say if,
They had seen their 'strong friend'
Sobbing like a baby last night?
Would you still say I'm strong?