Can't I Be Both?

On the surface,
I am strong,
I am invinsable,
Nothing can phase me,
That's the me I wanna be,
That's the me I want to you to see.
Deep down,
Hides the real me,
The me I never wanted to be,
The me I want to kill.
On the surface is the me,
That is strong and can handle anything,
But the real me,
She's the one,
You would see,
If you came into my room,
In the middle of the night,
And found me,
Sobbing in the fetal positon.
The me I show you,
Is the me I have to be.
I have to be strong,
For my family,
I don't know how to be the other me,
Not anymore..
I've forced myself,
To be the strong one,
The rock,
Others needed,
But now I need a rock,
Can I allow myself...
The privlage,
The weakness,
I need to show,
Can I let my vunerable side shine trough?
Can I let them see,
The child,
I never got to be,
The child I am inside?
Is there a balance,
Can I be both?
Can I be both;
The woman strong and invinsable,
And the terrified,
Little child who longs for a friend?
Can I be both?
Do I want to be both?