I Said No

The night is young,
The air is crisp
I stand before myself,
My eyes the judgmental
Words of stone

I feel so alone,
So stranded in this world
Never good enough for your
Condescending views

I never thought I’d end up here
At this point in my life
I’d always said that, no,
It wouldn’t be me

I kept the key to
My heart close by
But you stole it from my grasp
Though I can’t really blame you
As I stand here tonight

I break the lid
And drink to numb my pain,
My mind is made up,
I’m giving into it

I pull the tip to my head
And gasp at the feeling
I wonder for a fleeting moment
If this could be fixed

No, I say
I’m too far gone to hold on now

I swallow hard,
Maybe I’m pretty enough now, I said

It wasn’t much longer before I hit the floor,
Now I can be pretty forevermore