The sky has darkened

The sky has darkened
And it makes my heart ache.
I enjoyed the mix of colors in the sky.

I’ve had a beautiful day
And suddenly it’s gone
I wish it would have stayed longer.

Now the darkness is here
And I cannot see.
It’s taking over my body

It’s become very cold
And I’ve noticed I’m alone
My furry friends have fled.

How I wish arms would cover me
Forever saving me from this darkness.
I’d trust them no matter what.

Now I must learn to defend myself
Less I become a slave to hatred.
I’ve never been quite good at evil.

I long for a warm smile
And the bright sun on my skin.
Only a few more hours left.

I keep myself busy by walking,
Memorizing this forest with my legs.
I’m curious as to what will happen when I can see.

I’m preparing myself for the inevitable
Although I’m quite positive it won’t occur.
Soon I’ll be seeing that beautiful horizon.

And now I can see the first few glints of light.
It startles my eyes for a few moments,
But then they soften, and I smile.

My chilled skin is warmed,
And so is my heart.
No more dark phantoms to haunt me.