Thank you friend. I'm working on it.

You came to me,
When I was hurting,
Even though,
You were hurting much more,
You talked to me,
For hours,
When we both should have been sleeping.

You talked me,
Up from my pit of dispear,
Even when I should,
Have been lifting you up.

You let me drag you down,
When you were,
Already hurting,
You listened to my hurts,
Never once complaining,
Never interuppting,
Never saying,
How stupid,
It was too hold on to all,
The crap,
I've been storing up,
Never calling me,
A baby for letting this get me down,
You never said I was weak,
You just listened,
All the way through the end.

When I finnally finnished,
Spewing forth,
All my hurts,
All the events that,
Brought me down,
And lead me to where I am,
You said simply,
That I need to stop,
Stop trying to be strong,
Stop relying on others,
For my happiness,
Stop trying so hard,
Stop following.

You said I was broken,
Cracked and seeping,
You told me I need to be shatterd,
And rebuilt,
Now I'm not going to lie,
I'm still not 100% sure,
What that means,
Or how to do that,
But I am going to do my best,
No matter how bad it hurts,
To let myself shatter,
So I can be reformed.

You told me,
After listening to me,
For sevral hours,
I never once mentioned,
One person I looked up to..

And you're right..
I didn't..
I don't know who,
If anyone I look up to.
I do look at a few people,
And Think maybe they could be my role models,
But I'm not really sure,
I could honestly say,
I've used them as,
Role models..

I've done everything,
So far,
As independently as I could,
Too afraid to,
Rely upon,
Anyone too much,
Yes, I've leaned on my friends,
(Probally a bit too much),
But I've been too scared,
To believe in myself,
Or them too much.

Man I got way off topic,
What I ment to say,
Is thank you,
You came to me,
When I'm sure you were,
In much greater agony,
Than I was,
And you sat and listened,
Without a single qalm (not sure if that's the right spelling... or word LOL),
No complaints,
Or anything,
Just paciently listened,
You analized me,
And told me,
What you could to help me,
I just wanted to say thank you once again.
And tell you I love you,
And I'm sorry for spitting water in your face,
And to tell you once more.. I WILL prove you wrong. I love you <3