He Doesn't Know.

He's my best friend,
I can tell him anything,
Anything that is,
But how I feel about him.
He can be sweet,
Caring and kind,
Or he can be mean,
And scary.
He makes me feel,
When he's not making me,
Cower in fear.
He's crazy,
But then so am I.
He's immature,
But I am too.
He doesn't know,
How bad his words,
Hurt me,
He doesn't know
How he can,
Make me cry.
He doesn't know,
Why I called him crying,
Late in the night,
He doesn't know,
How afraid I am,
That he'll leave and never come back.
He doesn't know,
That the reason,
I'm so mad,
Is because,
I'm afraid he'll leave,
And forget me.
He doesn't know,
How much I really,
Ment it,
When I said "I love you".
He doesn't know,
How bad it hurt when,
He stopped being my friend,
Just because I had a crush.
He doesn't realize,
How happy I was,
When he walked me to the park,
Even if he did hurt me once we got there,
All that mattered was,
That he walked me there,
And that he was there with me.
He doesn't know,
How bad I want to cry,
Because I'm afraid he's,
Going to leave.
He doesn't know,
The reason I'm so angry,
Is because I don't want him to go.
When I hug him I never want to,
Let him go.
And he doesn't know.
He doesn't know..