I'm The One

I'm the one who sits alone,
The rock, the pebble, boulder, stone.
I'm the chill climbing up your back,
The light running through a crack.
I'm the warmth on the summer day,
The smell of Fall and prickle of hay.
I'm the one who sits in the dark,
I am the beating of a heart.
I'm the eyes of the lone,
The candle inside a quiet home.
I'm the leaves of the tree,
The white foam of a satly sea.
I'm the sound of a sax,
The fresh wet tire tracks.
I'm the child who sits and crys,
The parent who always lies.
I'm the storm on the coast,
The one that you miss the most.
I'm the ink and the pen,
I'm the memories that never end.
The hurt in a soldies eyes,
Storm clouds littering grey skys.
I'm the one with a touch of snow,
The one who's hurt never shows,
I'm The one that you will never know.