The Sorrows Underneath.

I think of all my problems.
I think of all my pain.
I think of all my sorrows.
Until I go insane.

I think of all the smiles I've worn,
which hide sorrows underneath.
No one seems to notice that I go through so much grief.

My tears seem to keep flowing.
Inside my tired eyes.
Each time I want to tell you.
My words come out as lies.

These days I'm feeling distant.
Far away and weak.
My sadness pulls me further from the happiness I seek.

I've just begun to realize that my hopes and dreams are gone.
I'm walking down a dead-end road.
Humming a tuneless song.

I'm standing on a rooftop.
Although I'm afraid of heights.
Watching the cars beneath me move.
Somehow this doesn't feel right.

Now I think of what I'm doing.
I know I should find a way.
To beat through my depression.
Will I be able to someday?

Someone might be there.
To help me make it through.
Maybe give me hope.
And tell me what to do.

I'm seeing through the darkness.
And starting to trust a few.
I think I'll try to make it.
So I can be there for them too....<33