It's Still All The Same

"I've been there before."
You say through smokers teeth.
Through alcoholic blackouts.
And secrets you'll always keep.

"I used to roam the whole country."
Yet my freedom is so small.
It's easy to explain of course.
Cause this isn't your world at all.

You say the world was a different place.
You say you'd still be a kid.
You say that it was so much safer.
And the drugs you "never" did.

No one mentioned sex.
Not in this perfect life.
No murders, no rape.
It was all kept out of sight.

I should be playing with dollies.
Innocent at best.
I should be looking for dresses.
That don't show off my chest.

The internet is dangerous.
And you want to keep me away.
So you lock me up.
But I'm breaking free today.

There was always crime.
It didn't matter at all.
70s, 80s, 90s, today.
It doesn't matter how small.

So let me have your freedom.
I'll play that dirty game.
Cause it doesn't matter what decade Mother.
It's still all the same.