The Hate Debate

Let’s decide where the line
Will go to separate it
To divide
Hate from Like
And where indifference will go

Where will you have to walk
To reach this secret line
To decide
To hate or like
Or be indifferent

You once stayed on the far side
When concerning me
You stayed on like
Away from hate
And further from indifference

Lets say there is another line
Between like and love
To divide
Emotions of
Friendship of something more

I’d like to think there was a time
When you crossed that line for me
Passed the like
Into the love
And that you did love me

But now lets decide where the line
Will go to separate them
Like from love
Love from hate
And keep away from indifference

You once stayed on the love part
Away from hate with me
But then you changed
Moved away
From love and into like

Then one day the like moved on
Closer to the line
Into hate
Away from love
You strayed away from me

But soon I realised that
The opposite of love
Was not hate
As the line said
But further into indifference

So here we go, the hate debate
Where to put the line
Not by hate
Not by like
But put it into indifference

‘Cause you crossed the old line
Into love and then back into hate
But it wasn’t bad
Not nearly as bad
As if you were indifferent

So once more, the last time
We hold the hate debate
And I’ll love (hate) you till the end