I need you

I need you,
Don’t you see?
Don’t you see,
The tears in my eyes?
Can’t you see,
The loneliness?
Don’t you sense,
The despairation?
The intense need,
For someone to just be there for me,
To tell me,
“Everything will be okay”
To hug me tight,
And rock me back and forth,
Like the small,
Lost child,
I seem to be,
Deep in my heart.
I need you,
Don’t you realize?
If you would just look at me,
For a second,
Instead of foucusing on my indiscressions,
Maybe you would see,
You would see that,
I NEED you!
I look so strong on the outside,
But really,
And truly,
Those looks of judgment,
Are tearing me apart,
I need a friend,
Not a judge,
I need you!
Don’t you think,
I know I messed up?
Trust me I do,
And I may never forgive myself.
I just need one person,
To reach out to me.
I need a shoulder to cry on,
I’m so sick of crying on my own,
It’s kinda hard to reach,
Not to mention painful…
I need you,
So if you have a spare shoulder,
To lend,
You know who to call.