In Circles We Fly…

In circles we fly,
Tightly soaring
Keeping an eye
On those sad living dead.
Unison they march,
Eyes staring
Straight ahead.
Listening for answers
From the voices in their head.

Singing softly,
High above.
Swaying together;
That sad, stupid love.
Wrapped around limbs
As time sweeps the sands.
We hear the cries
Of that sad, broken man.

Killing the spark
That lit up her eyes.
Then from the darkness
Her spirit will rise.
Screaming the curses
He taught long ago.
Eyes wide and empty,
Groping to know.

Going insane,
Such a sad thing to loose.
I hear the strains
Of that sad, hanging noose.
Feigning its crimes,
Wicked and blaming.
We know the names
That those voices are naming.

Falling inside
That wide, jagged crack.
Looming ahead,
They wait to attack.
Remember that joy
That filled up her head?
They'll fill it with demons
And evil instead.

Eyes maladjusted,
They're lurking in wait.
Singing the same soul
They're going to take.
Quiver in fear…
They're drawing near…
Escape through the door…
Not seconds before…

Jarring reality,
Not what it seems.
Metaphors mean nothing
Yet always deceive.
Insides disturbed
In the rush to his home.
He curls on the floor and waits there

Evil grins
Fill a face.
Not wanting to tarnish
A whole human race.
Stretching out arms,
Stumbling behind
Are the ghosts of his past.
Pale fingers, they shine.

Squeeze close those eyes,
Bury those tears.
He cannot hide
From his many years.
Jeering and mocking
What he has done.
He is ashamed.
Their battle is won.

Serenely they fade
Through open doors.
Lock it behind
And a window appears.
Don't be afraid,
My dear, lonely heart.
Killing the lesson
Is what you've done from the start.

In circles we fly,
For we never learn.
Our rotten,
Old lives don't discern
♠ ♠ ♠
I worked on this for the good part of four months. The patterns aren't consistent, but I could care less. It's my baby.