Taking Back Sunday - New Again

Taking Back Sunday - New Again Taking Back Sunday’s newest album, ‘New Again’ is everything you’d want from TBS. Personally I think it’s stronger than their previous works. Whether you are a fan of Taking Back Sunday or not you can’t deny how catchy they are, well, the flamboyantly musical boys are back and whether you like it or not you will have their anthems racing through your head all day long.

Every song on this album is a win. Let’s stroll through the album, shall we? Starting of with the album title ‘New Again’ you hear a great mix of sound and catchy, cleverly twisted lyrics, broken up expertly with a chorus that is sure to stick for a while, whether you like it or not. ‘Sink Into Me’ starts with an energetic drum line a round of ‘hey!’s and concert style clapping, next their charismatic vocals and flamboyant edge, not to mention a killer chorus.

Now at ‘Lonely, Lonely’ it’s just as energetic but with a different twist and strangely catchy poetic lyrics, but not quite ‘poetic’ if that makes sense, I hope it does. ‘Summer Man’ is sort of a selfish song in the sense you might not be able to relate to it as well as the others but I will assure you there are definitely lyrics you can relate to, it’s an amazing song and worth a listen for sure, definitely turned out to be one of my favorites.

Now a sort of vengefully sung song ‘Swing’ but also holding some sort of pleading, desperate lyrics and feel behind, an amazing song definitely. My personally favorite song sung like a sorrowful retrospective look in life ‘Where My Mouth Is’ is a very truthful in a way endearing song, goes to show never to underestimate the power of a soft rock song, you don’t need someone jumping around and screaming to get you to feel the music, the feel and lyrics do it alone.

Back on a harder more energetic note 'Cut Me Up Jenny’ brings you into a strange array of vengeance and caught somewhere between flamboyancy and charisma, in any case it’s very catchy one of TBS strong points for sure. This brings us to ‘Catholic Knees’ which for lyrics alone has turned into one of my favorite on the album.

I think it’s actually a pretty selfless song in the sense you can take it and put into your own terms and relate. This is another one of my favorite songs on the album and that is ‘Capital M-E’ which, I think, is probably one of the most personal songs on the record or at least blatantly personal songs on the record; catchy, spontaneous. I love it; hopefully if you haven’t gotten the record yet, you will to.

‘Carpathia’ is an amazing song. It’s edgy and harder than any of the other songs on the record. It’s sung angrier and with a blunter edge than the others; I think TBS is a pretty polished band. Now at ‘Everything Must Go’; the last song on the eleven track album. Amazing, it really sort of drags you in and I’m not one for songs about relationships starting or ending but this really caught me. I like how it was written and for me at least makes me stop to listen.

The whole album is really great, definitely worth the money it costs to get your hands on it. I find myself listening to it on repeat, something I rarely do, so take that as assurance. And... That’s a wrap!

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