adj. Eternal and unchanging; everlasting.

It took me all of 10 minutes to fall in love with Sempiternal, honestly. To put it plain and simple, this is just really good music. This album is Bring Me The Horizon's best album so far, both in the opinion of fans and statistically, as it placed #11 on the US Billboard. Perfect.

Can You Feel My Heart

The song which starts off the album, it exemplifies two things about this band. The ability to fuse electronic, pop, and metal music, as you can hear in the beat, and Oli's lyrical talent. "Can you hear the silence? Can you see the dark?" That's amazing.

Empire (Let Them Sing)

This song is majorly about hopelessness. You've built up so much into something so great, and you can't do anything to keep it from being attacked and destroyed. Plus, Oli sounds like Chester Bennington!

Quick thing about "Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake", that song will remind you of someone, that is guaranteed.

Shadow Moses

This one has a video! The song's chorus is the best on the album. The honesty conveyed through the lyrics touches your heart, if you know what it's like to feel that you have nothing going for you or you don't feel that you're living up to your potential. The parts of the song are just wonderful, the slow and quiet beginning and ending show the disparity of the lyrics.

Seen It All Before

This one is basically the saddest song on the album. Can you relate to it? How people never understand that you're hurting and they're the ones to blame? Well, it's tiring. "I don't wanna do this by myself, I don't want to live like a broken record."

Hospital for Souls

Last is the song that finishes it all up. It begins with a speech, which includes the memorable line: "Even Hell can get comfy once you've settled in." A few lines in the first verse... saved my life. "Have you ever took a blade to your wrist? Have you been skipping meals? We're gonna try something new today." I love all these songs and I don't really have a favorite, but I like this song just a little better than the others. Does it feel like there's more that needs to be said?

The main musical element is heavy, as it always has been. Jordan said he believe this album is, lyrically, more hopeful and positive than the last. Still, major themes throughout the album are suicide or plain unhappiness and anti-religion. Each song gives off all those vibes depending on your interpretation of the music, though suicide is plainly apparent in the songs above and anti-religion is obvious in the songs "House of Wolves" and "Crooked Young", just to name a couple.

Well, it's only April, but I would name Sempiternal as the best album of 2013. I'm really proud of Bring Me The Horizon! I've never had music hit me so hard, so quick. Buy the album in stores, stream it on YouTube, just sit down and listen. 10/10, absolutely worth it.

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