Feel, due out June 4th, is one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2013. Sleeping With Sirens has just released their first single titled "Low" from the new album. Rise Records, the band's record label, published the lyric video for "Low", on their official Youtube account, one whole day before Sleeping With Sirens said the song would come out. The next day, "Low" was released in the iTunes Store for purchase along with pre-orders for Feel. Sleeping With Sirens is also selling pre-order bundles on their website, which some include t-shirts, posters, stickers, a journal, and so many awesome things!

The new song is magical. If you haven't heard it yet, go search for it. Some opinions that I've heard run along the lines of "It wasn't what I expected.", but even more people are in love with the song. "Low" reminds me a lot of With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear because it sounds "heavier", as most people would put it. There's more guitar, bass, and drums that kick it up a notch, make the song faster and louder. One change I've heard is in Jesse, his screaming has become higher pitched than before. The song has a lot of layers to it, musically and vocally, which give it more depth and quality. Kellin's lyrics, once again, having an impact on the fans, being so relevant. "I tried so hard to convince myself it's ok that I feel this way." The lyrics deal with the emotions brought by an unbalanced relationship, someone making their partner not feel important and special like they're supposed to.

As Sleeping With Sirens progresses as a band and as friends, their music naturally continues to get better. If you've noticed, Feel releases just as the summer begins which means... beautiful new songs to play live on Warped Tour! Feel will feature Machine Gun Kelly, Shayley Bourget, and Matty Mullins. A rapper, a lovely singer , and a best friend! By the way, "These Things I've Done" is a song that's already been released and performed by Sleeping With Sirens, but it will now be mastered for the album! Feel is something I am definitely looking forward to from my favorite band and it couldn't be a disappointment in the slightest.

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