Tears on Tape

HIM is a "love metal" band from Helsinki Finland. Tears on Tape is their latest studio album. The album contains 9 songs, an intro, 2 interludes, and an outro. Being an avid fan I thought I'd write up a review of it.

Unleash the Red 5/5

This minute and seven second instrumental introduction sets the mood for the rest of the album. The sound of it is reminiscent of theme music for a horror movie and makes for a great start to a great album.

All Lips Go Blue 4/5

The first actual song on the album starts off a bit heavy, and mellows out as Ville Valo's vocals kick in. As with every HIM song there's melancholic lyrics brought to you by way of Valo's remarkable vocal range. This song showcases an homage to 50's/60's "do-wop" in the chorus. It's far from my personal favourite on the album, but it is extremely catchy and has a great guitar solo.

Love Without Tears 5/5

First time listening to the album, this song was the one that stuck out to me the most. On this track, vocals are the key focus and the instruments aren't as dominant as they are on the previous song and many others. I can't think of what else to say other than: The more I listen to it, the more I enjoy it.

I Will Be the End of You 5/5

Being the first song that was played live from this album, this was the first song I heard off this album and I fell in love from the start. Even listening to a crappy live recording from Helldone Festival where I could barely make out the words it was still an incredible song. The opening riffs are nice and heavy, and it's a pretty straight-forward, in your face rock song.

Tears on Tape 4/5

In my experience, title-tracks are usually my least favourite songs on the album, but HIM are the exception. On previous albums such as Dark Light (2005) and Venus Doom (2007) there were title-tracks that are just as great as the rest, and Tears On Tape is no different. The lyrics are ones that resonate with me, and it's a song that gives me hope for life and it has an overall feeling that no matter how dark the world around you may get, there's always going to be a guiding light out of the pain.

Into the Night 5/5

Starting off with an in your face guitar riff, the first time I heard this one I knew it would make my list of all-time favourite HIM songs. Lyric-wise, it's the best song on the album. With phrases like "painting pain with pastels through her cemetery eyes" it's apparent that Ville Valo hasn't lost his poetic touch.

Hearts at War 4/5

A lot like the previous track, this one's lyrics are fantastic and catchy. The vocals are a bit softer in this song and eminate a calming and like always, melancholic aura. What sticks out to me the most in this song is at the end of the first verse the lyrics are "don't be afraid." and right after, sort of faded into the instrumental you hear "you shouldn't be." I for one find that beautiful and one of those things that make HIM a band that help many to carry on through their sorrows, fears, and pains.

Trapped in Autumn 4/5

Getting its name from the first line in "Into The Night" this interlude does make you feel as if you really are "trapped in autumn." It reminds me of walking through the woods on a calm October day.

No Love 3/5

At first listen, I wasn't really impressed with this song, and though it grew on me, it still remains my least favourite song on the album. Don't get me wrong, it's a great song; but the other songs on the album are much better. I do, however, really enjoy the lyrics "We're the stars in the drama of the flame; making love to the rain," and the way the song opens with Ville screaming "FOREVER AND EVER."

Drawn & Quartered 5/5

This is my favourite song on the album, overall. It's a really sweet song that gives the "I'd do anything for you" vibe. Everything about it mirrors all the classic HIM songs; that sort of "die for love" motif that the band has casually gone back to on each album. Though that may sound redundant, HIM have never written songs that sound exactly the same as their brethren.

Lucifer's Chorale 1/5

I did not enjoy this interlude at all. For me, it disrupted the entire flow of the album and kind of gave me a headache. I really wish it hadn't been included on the album.

W.L.S.T.D. (When Love Starts to Die) 5/5

As far as vocals go, this is my favourite. Ville really shows off that incredible baritone voice of his, singing extremely low and deep. This song reminds of one that could've been on their 2007 album "Venus Doom." It may just be me, but there's an extremely sexual vibe to this song much like the vibes in the 2000 album "Razorblade Romance." I feel like this song kind of sums HIM up as a whole, with all the gestures towards their sounds on previous albums.

Kiss the Void 5/5

This outro was a beautiful way to end the album. The vocalizations are a really nice touch. It's extremely calming and the first time I heard it, it nearly lulled me to sleep.


I was really pleased with this album. As a huge HIM fan, it was everything I could've asked for, even if Lucifer's Chorale wasn't my cup of tea.
HIM have never disappointed me with an album, and I hope there will be more albums to come.

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