Bulls in the Bronx

Bulls in the Bronx is the second single from Pierce The Veil's Collide With The Sky and its long awaited music video has just been released last week!

Pierce The Veil teamed up with director Drew Russ (who also directed "King For A Day") to tell a tale of a teenage boy who's head-over-heels in love. Many fans were disappointed that the video didn't convey the actual meaning behind the song, which is the suicide of a wondeful teenage girl Olivia Penpraze, rest in peace. However, the music video itself is a beauty! Pierce The Veil does a stunning performance, the teenage actors do a marvelous job, and the costumes are something really special.

The Performance

Do you really just love watching Jaime and Tony play music? Jaime headbangs, playing on the same bass that he always does. Tony flips his hair and seeing his hands move on his guitar... He's a natural and I want to be as talented as him in the future! Vic is just as amazing in the video, especially when he's singing his own lyrics loud and clear, you can see the pride and love in his eyes. One thing, I wish we had been able to see more than 20 seconds of Mike, half of which were just his hands.

The Story

Every detail in the video adds to how the end came to be, especially the white-picket fence. These two sneaky kids want to impress each other so bad, he's probably her first boyfriend. They're actually really cute, and they even forget that they could get caught when they go into their fantasy world. The costumes are stellar and extravagant, especially the girl's dress and head pieces. The little heart pendant is adorable. The idea of the video is that even though something feels good, you can still get hurt or in trouble, and that's something these young kids are just figuring out.

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