Creature Feature

Do you ever wonder what happens when two horror obsessed musicians join forces and reveal their twisted darkness on the world? You get a strange fair that comes to town which has a delightfully twisted sense of humor and horror. This includes catchy tunes that speak to all and any horror fan and sounds like a bizarre combination of 80' pop and Oingo Boingo.

One thing that is striking about Creature Feature is that despite the multi-layered sound there are actually onto two people in the band. Eric X (on the left) plays the synthesizer and sample whilst Curtis RX (on the right) is in charge of vocals and guitar. Despite only having two members, Creature Feature manage to have a sound which had richness and complexity, layered with horror movie dialogues and blistering guitar riffs, complex rhythms and quirky keyboard lines.

The subject matter of their music is something every horror fan will love. Citations in their songs come from movies such as Army of Darkness to Zombie and with heroes such as Danny Elfman, Bruce Campbell and Tim Burton, Creature Feature creates wonderfully demented tunes with subjects that are near and dear to horror fans' hearts.

Another impressive trait of Creature Feature is that the band has chosen to produce their music without the influence of major labels. They made this decision (according to their website) because they did not want to make it easy for anyone to tamper with their music or message. A good thing, as their music sounds much better than most of what is out in the world right now. If you want a sample of Creature Feature's music, you can go onto their MySpace page and have a listen.

Creature Feature is a most welcome voice in the genre of "horror rock". Quirk and talented, their musicianship is second only to their sense of macabre and twisted humor.

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