Zombie Girl

Zombie Girl is an electro horror group from Canada. The group were originally made up of Renee Cooper and Sebastian Komor, but now only consist of Cooper who uses live musicians on stage.

Zombie Girl has released two extended plays (Back from the Dead and Halloween – EP) and one full length album (Blood, Brains and Rock ‘n’ Roll).

Back from the Dead was released back in 2006 with seven tracks of pure genius. Electronic songs with a mix of horror, exerts of Grade B horror movies added in to some songs to add to the horror element, a job which Cooper and Komor managed to do brilliantly.

My favourite songs from Back from the Dead, and the ones I highly recommend checking out are: “Creepy Crawler”, “Bleeder” and “I Want It”.

2007 saw the release of Blood, Brains and Rock ‘n’ Roll, the first - and only - full-length album by the group, packed with more horror than before. The songs are seem slower but still pack a punch of good electro horror.

My favourite songs off of Blood, Brains and Rock ‘n’ Roll that I suggest you check out are: “Jesus Was a Zombie”, “Dance of the Deadless Corpse” and “Go Zombie”.

Zombie Girl is definitely one of those bands where they are not popular but have the songs and ability to become one of the popular bands out there. Horror fans, here is a band for you.

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