Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice Well, I got this book knowing that the people of Mibba encouraged it and loved it, and I am glad I felt the same. When I first picked this up I skimmed it looking for things like Christmas journal passages and important or short passages and I read the Epilogue. In the Epilogue they asked was it a Accidental or Premeditated overdose, and my first instinct was a Premeditated one, but now that I have finished the book I think differently.

The writer of the book led a ordinary life, boring at some points; the most exciting thing in the world at others. I really got involved with her life and I got angry at her at some points, because I was that involved with this character. This character and I have become great friends, we have shared her laughs and heartache, her pitfalls and triumphs, and everything about her life that she chose to show with her diary. I feel just as if I saw it happen, yet all she did was write in a book.

It got me thinking a lot. There were times in the book when I was like, I should try that, but then I think where I would end up. I learned a lot from the writer in this books. Her hard times dealing with drug addiction, people tempting her to come back into that life, her experiences helped me a lot and gave me a new outlook on drugs even if this was from the 60s and 70s.

The reason I love this book is that it shows what a human is capable of doing, it shows that a person can come from the edge of the world and back and back to the edge of the world. It shows that no human is perfect, and a perfect example that a human should never ever be put on a pedestal ever. It shows that life on drugs is never an easy one, and that life trying to get off drugs is never an easy task either.

I know a lot more about the strength of ex-drug users now. It takes a lot of courage to not do drugs when you are completely enthralled by them. It takes a lot of strength not to do what your friends are doing. Most importantly though, it takes a lot of strength not to do what your heart wants you to do. The writer of this book tried not to do what her heart wanted her to do, but was unsuccessful because of her past friends.

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