Dark Angel By David Klass

Dark Angel By David Klass Teen novels: not something that usually catches my eye, or at least not a very appreciative eye. ‘Dark Angel’ is a different story. All puns included. Written by David Klass, a story unfolds under seemingly cliché teenage notions: 17 year old boy, seemingly perfect life, good grades, nice girlfriend, on the soccer team. Normal.

Slap a dark family secret in the mix: 17 year old ‘normal’ Jeff has a brother, Troy. Troy is a convicted murderer, and due to good behavior he’s coming home. Set in New Jersey, the story builds to many a climax and the notion of ‘cliché’ finds itself a noose and makes use of it.

First thing that made this book different from the usual teenage novels that I despise was that Klass knew how to set a scene, he knew how to convey the characters emotions and conflictions and as the story unfolds he lets you make assumptions and take sides even if they sound wrong.

As the drama of the story unfolds so does the charm of the murderous brother. You find yourself just as weary and curious of him as leading man Jeff does and you even make a soft spot in your heart for him. As you hit the final climax your heart literally raises and you rack your brain trying to find the logical answers to the questions that arise.

Leaving the entirety of plot vague I hope I can convey in you what an amazing book this is.

Dealing with emotions such as: fear, loathing, distrust and trust, love and confusion. Subjects such as: murder, school violence, drugs, religion and does love for a sibling still exist after such a horrific deed? Klass opens up not a psychiatric profile of a psychopath but of the imprint one leaves. Take a quiet normal family and rib them open and ask yourself just how normal they are. What is normal and does it mean anything when you set your mind to it?

I enjoyed this book greatly, even made my brother give it a shot. He loved it. ‘Dark Angel’ is David Klass’s sixth attempt at a novel. I think it’s worthy of a review.

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