Ultimate Comics: Avengers

Ultimate Comics: Avengers Ultimate Comics: Avengers is a part of the Ultimate Comics reboot, the first issue was published in the summer of 2009 and since its release it has succeeded in stunning audiences with its magnificent plot twists, heart stopping cliff-hangers and stunning artwork.

The arc focuses mainly on Captain America, Nick Fury, Hawkeye, a new incarnation of Wasp and the mechanical duo of War Machine and Iron Man. Though various new characters and old favourites crop up along the way including an aged Bucky Barnes, the loveable Nerd Hulk and the horrific Red Skull.

The story is set after the events of Ultimatum, with Hawkeye explaining to Nick Fury, former director of SHIELD that Captain America has abandoned the team after learning the truth about his long term enemy, Red Skull. The plot twist is really one that makes you feel both sickened and intrigued as you just have to question how the revelation can be true. The story then goes on to describe, in detail the origins of Red Skull and how he got the name, with the new team of Avengers in possession of this knowledge the hunt for Captain America begins. Though in the meantime we get glimpses of Red Skull’s plan which leads to an incredible finale.

The story also involves a little bit of sibling rivalry, something that any sibling in the world finds sympathy with. Though, most siblings in the world aren’t a pair of billionaire industrialists (in other words, cue my personal Tony and Gregory Stark fan girling). It’s pretty safe to assume that a majority of people will be familiar from either cartoons, comics or through the two feature films with the character of Tony Stark/ Iron Man. I’d also say it’s safe to assume that many people are not as familiar with Gregory Stark, Tony’s older brother, who is just that tiny bit superior. He has the arrogant, rude and deviance of his younger brother but he’s all straight edge and white suits. The contrast in the characters makes a refreshing change and Gregory Stark has automatically become a favourite of mine.

Ultimate Avengers is published in graphic novel form this year and for fans of Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, Nick Fury and Hawkeye it is phenomenal. I’d also suggest to people who are new to the comic medium, or to the Avengers franchise as with it being a new story for these famous Marvel faces, there’s no major catching up to do and little confusion as the origins and former established relationships are pretty clear from the start.

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