Cell “Oh you shouldn’t read that, its terrible.” Was one statement I heard after buying this book, the other contradicted it completely, “I actually really like that one.” I am one of those people who takes other opinions into account, so, having two very different opinions of Cell left me quite open minded when I sat down to read it.

As I opened it, the concept of the novel really captivated me. I was kind of in a state of annoyance and disappointment by the time I’d reached the middle of it, to a point where I really struggled to finish it. As an almost diehard King fan I felt I’d wasted money. Thankfully, I found I wasn’t the only person who felt as I did, though, I can kind of see why others would disagree with my opinion. What stunned me was the discovery that Cell received relatively good reviews from critics.

A post-apocalyptic novel, Cell focuses on the aftermath of an event that sends the majority of humanity insane. The event, known as the Pulse leaves survivors fighting for their lives from what are referred to as phone-crazies. After a while, survivors running around bored me. The phone-crazies bored me. The plot, largely, became really absurd. I felt many of the characters lacked characterization (Alice being a prominent example), something, I think many people would agree, is really kind of integral to a story.

There were, despite my being bored by the book, aspects I liked. I liked the character of Clay, unlike Alice he was well made. He may have not been one hundred percent well rounded, but I liked him. I liked his natural leadership, something I always admire in both real people and fictional characters. I also liked the emotional drive behind Clay to find his son, Johnny, in the midst of the chaos. It was sweet and sad and made me feel a little sympathy for him in the situation. I think, if I were a parent and something like this occurred and I was away from my child, I’d act very much in the same way. I also liked the opening chapters, they were exciting, if not a little hilarious.

Biggest issue I, and a good few people I’ve spoken to seem to have with this book? The ending. Ultimately, it was one of the biggest and crappiest cop outs I have ever come across. However, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel with that one. Cell has been adapted for the screen, I’ve heard its for film and for TV so which one it ends up as is something that seems unknown. King has completed a script for the adaptation, and I am praying it ends up being used for it, as in the past, King’s own adaptations haven’t been used. King stated at a 2009 book signing that he has rewritten the ending in his adaptation. So, I’m praying that maybe, Cell can be redeemed for me and for others who really thought it was a huge cop out.

Would I recommend it? On that front I kind of want to say a really blunt no. Yet, as pointed out in the first paragraph some people really do like the novel. So I'll just keep my mouth shut on that one for once.

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