Raunchy - T. Styles


Definiton of Raunchy:

  1. vulgar or smutty; crude; earthy; obscene

  2. dirty; slovenly; grubby. " -www.dictionary.reference.com

I discovered this book through a family member that told me the contents of the novel would appall me like no other story could. I was skeptical, seeing as I have read quite a few dreadful (dreadful, meaning the events that transpired) urban tales that have impacted me greatly. But one or two chapters into Raunchy, I was stunned. Now, I won't give you every detail, but I will give enough to captivate you to go buy it.

The book starts off with Harmony as a child in the early to mid-eighties, she is being carted off by her abusive mother who has discovered that her husband is having an affair. Harmony is devastated because she loves her father with everything inside of her and even though she knew of the affair from traveling with her father and the mistress herself, she doesn't want to be separated from her Dad. On the car ride away, Harmony is given her first taste of alcohol by her own mother -this will influence Harmony greatly in the future. When they arrive to the house of her grandmother's, she begins to see where her mother's heartless ways originated. And after her father's mistress finds the home and shoots her vile mother dead, all hell breaks lose.

Not only is she forced to do sexual acts with her pedophile uncle who prevents her from being around any of the boys in the neighborhood, but her evil grandmother, who has knowledge of the heinous acts her son commits, makes her perform sex acts on her for food and shelter. Thus, creating a monster. The older Harmony gets, the raunchier she becomes. She becomes manipulative and unscrupulous, betraying her two "best friends" by having sex with both of their boyfriends, who happen to be buds with her boyfriend, Jace. Harmony contracts an STD and carelessly passes it around, not even concerned with the burning itch and rank discharge between her legs as she sleeps around bare-back.

She hates women and this is proved thoroughly not with the way she treats her friends, but when she has twin girls. She forces them to believe that they are boys, never teaching them the anatomy of their bodies until an incident in class with one of them going on their period exposes the secret. Harmony savagely beats the two girls if they don't comply with whatever she says and they are near illiterate from the alcohol Harmony abused when she carried them. Harmony is forced to move out of Texas where she had re-located, back to Maryland to take care of some old family business.

There, lies a mass amount of people who are gunning for her downfall from all the years of pain and torment she payed them.


I give this book 5/5 stars, and after finishing the other two books to the trilogy, I'm anticipating the release of the spin-off with bated breath. Raunchy had me hanging on the edge of my seat, fidgeting, and biting the skin around my fingers as I uncovered all the secrets and disturbing twists and turns. T. Styles writing style is literally like nothing I have ever read before. If you have a strong mental capacity, are not of the faint-of-heart, or relish in a little bit of chaos - get this book and read it. But be warned, these characters will be implanted in your brain for a long time. They'll have you asking yourself, "Is it possible for people to actually be this raunchy?"

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