Raunchy 2: Mad's Love

Though both siblings are featured in this book, the central plot focuses more on Madjesty, so I will give a basic outline of what occurs in her life.

Madjesty Phillips only wants to be loved, yet she can't seem to attain that, no matter what she does. Her mother, Harmony, had her and her fraternal twin sister, Jayden, believing that they were males for years. She now knows that she's a girl but isn't at all interested in being one. She rather live the life of a man; marry a beautiful woman, have children, and have lots of money. That reality is impossible. From childhood, her life has been brutal hell. Her mother used her and her sister as punching bags due to her own failed experiences in life and let them know that they were both unwanted and unloved on a daily basis - Madjesty always being her primary target.

Madjesty soon adopts the nickname "Mad" as an assessment of her explosive temper and what she feels inside. The rage that she feels is warranted by the cruel physical, emotional, and verbal abuse that all those around her have inflicted upon her. As learned in the previous book, she assembled Mad Max (her and a group of friends she made after moving to Maryland), and finally thinks she has a family, until her girlfriend is killed, placing a slight strain on her relationship with the other members. In this riveting sequel, she meets Denise - a beautiful, enchanting girl with secrets that will leave Mad backed into a corner.

Not long after, Mad discovers that her and Jayden have different fathers, she forms a bond with her demented sperm-donor, creating a duo that has potential to wreak havoc in everyone's life.

Same as the prequel, Raunchy 2: Mad's Love is deserving of 5/5 stars. I was left awestruck while reading this novel because T. Styles has done it again. Mad's blackouts made me want to jump inside of the book to witness every event that was not seen by the mind's eye from the reader, and her growing thirst of alcohol that caused them made me curious as to how she could loathe Harmony's addiction to it, but regularly consume it herself. This sordid, fast-paced story about an evil woman's children taking steps to surpass their mother's misgivings, both capture and keep me wanting more.

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