Skinny Ibi Kaslik’s first book Skinny is beautifully written and hits home for many people. It deals with the topic of anorexia, which is something that is growing in today’s world. Skinny is written in more than one prospective; Giselle Vasco and her younger sister, Holly.

Skinny is about a medical student named Giselle Vasco who wants to prove that she is stronger by denying herself food. She knows the damage she is doing to herself but she fights with herself over it. Throughout the book Giselle wants to get better but an inner demon yells at her telling her terrible things. This causes Giselle to keep fighting with herself and return back to her ways of not eating. This book is not completely about anorexia but also about how Giselle was never truly loved by her father. Giselle’s father wanted a perfect daughter but he never got that. Giselle was smart and became a doctor just like her father but didn’t have the strength and ability like her sister, Holly. Her father favored Holly and in a way gave up on Giselle. Though Holly herself wasn’t all perfect, she was def in one ear and slow at learning, which her father wasn’t too proud of. The two sisters grieve over the loss of their father with their mother once their father dies.

While battling with her inner demon, Giselle searches for love, and the truth about what happened before her parents came to Canada from Hungary. While searching for everything Giselle falls into a downward spiral and knows it. While everyone tries to help Giselle, they have their own things to worry about and it is no use trying. Holly has problems at school and doesn’t think she can make it out. The entire family is falling apart and it’s nearly impossible to stop. These two sisters know everything is going down and they cling for each other to make it stop. Giselle find love only to have it taken away and she can’t bare it any longer.

Skinny is a haunting and wonderful book that reads like it should be put into non-fiction rather than fiction. You don’t need to know anyone who has dealt with anorexia, or have had to deal with it yourself, for this book to hit home.

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