The Enemy

A devastating disease has affected everyone over the age of 16. Those who haven't died from the disease have turned into brainless child eating monsters. The young survivors have barricaded themselves into supermarkets, and are surviving while fighting off packs of grown-ups. There is a group of kids living a supermarket in London called Waitrose. Their army includes fighters, engineers, and leaders. They are their own little tight-knit community, and they are determine to survive. Eventually the kids are offered a place to live in Buckingham Palace. They journey across London to get there, but once they do, their fight is far from over. They find out that the threat from within the palace is as real as the one outside it.

There are a total of 440 pages, and 68 chapters in The Enemy.

Upon opening The Enemy I found that there is a map of London, showing where the groups in the story travel. While reading this book, I found the map very useful for those who don't know London very well.

As I began reading the book, it caught my interest almost right away with an attack from the grown-ups which sends the entire Waitrose community on alert. However I soon realized that this isn't a story for those who have a weak stomach.

There is vivid details of the grown-ups, and the fight scenes are well written. I could easily see this as if it was a movie. There are multiple deaths, so if you don't like death, I would shy away from reading this.

Throughout the journey of reading this book, it felt like I was there with them, right beside the main character, Maxie. I felt her pain and all her emotions. I found myself crying whenever there were really sad moments, and I found myself saying 'hooray' in really happy moments.

Overall, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves zombies. Even if you don't I recommend it because I didn't like zombies before this, but this caught my interest right away, and I couldn't put it down.

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