Thundercats! Remastered on DVDS

I've had the joy of buying the original Thundercats series on DVD awhile back and now that I have them, I get to relive the magic once more. Before I actually get into my review of the DVD, let me tell you a bit about the show.


They were the last of their kind. After the destruction of their beloved planet of Thundera, a group of alien cat warriors seek out a new home. Thus they land on Third Earth. Led by their young leader, and lord, Lion-O, the Thundercats must help spread the teachings of the Code of Thundera and protect the residents of Third Earth while battling the likes of Mumm-ra and the mutants.

Season 1

The first half of the first season is about the Thundercats trying to adjust to their new life on Third Earth while keeping the Sword of Omens out of the clutches of Mumm-ra and the mutants and make new friends.

The second half features a five part story arc dubbed Lion-O's Anointment Trials, where Lion-O must use all the skills he learned from the other Thundercats to prove himself as the true lord of the Thundercats.The first trial is the trial of strength in which he must prove that he is stronger than the mighty Panthro. The second trial is the trial of speed in which he must prove he is faster than Cheetara. The third trial is him going against the wily thunderkittens, Wilykit and Wilykat, in a test of wits and cunning. The fourth trial is the trial of Mind Powers in which Lion-O must overcome Tygra's mental powers. The final and fifth trial is the trial of evil in which Lion-O must fight and destroy his greatest enemy, Mumm-ra, the Ever Living.

Season 2

The first half of season 2 introduces three new Thundercats, Pumyra, Bengali, and Lynx-O, and Mumm-ra's latest minions, the Lunatacs. The second season starts with a cartoon movie, also aired as a five part episode, called Thundercats! Ho! in which Lion-O and the Thundercats learn of three survivors of Thundera and they set off to rescue Pumyra, Bengali, and Lynx-O.

The true start of season 2 is of the three said survivors being christened Thundercats and joining the team. The Thundercats spend the first half of this season, finding some treasures of their home planet and finding the Book of Omens while trying to keep it away from Mumm-ra, the Lunatacs and the mutants.

In the second half, Mumm-ra revives the planet of Thundera and the Thundercats then make frequent trips to Thundera in hopes of restarting their civilization.

DVD Review:

Nearly every disc is chockful of special features such as shout-outs from Thundercats fans, interviews with the cast and crew, a music video, and my absolute favorite, the Thundercats Ultimate Adventure game. The Thundercats Ultimate Adventure game is a series of Thundercats trivia, in which you can find the answer in key episodes through a special subtitle stream.

But what I really like about this DVD box set is the crisp, clear pictures that comes from the TV series being digitally remastered. No more fuzzy pictures and shaky images during the episodes, though the sound quality hasn't improved completely, you can hear everything perfectly.

I just love the classic Thundercats because of the cheesiness, the animation, and the moral lessons that crop up in nearly every episode. This series blends science fiction and fantasy so well that I recommend this for everyone and their kids. I showed this series to my little cousins and they loved it. They were saying "Thunder, thunder, thunder, Thundercats! Ho!" for many days.

So, if you want to relive your childhood of watching Saturday morning cartoons or just want to see what the big fuss is with the old series, I recommend that you buy this. You won't be disappointed.

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