Jackass 2.5

Jackass 2.5 I love the Jackass guys as much as the next person, probably more, but I personally think this is where it has to end.

Over the years, Jackass has provided an outstandingly humorous DVD packed with idiotic stunts bound to make anyone on the fact of this earth laugh. This including Volumes one, two and three, along with Jackass: The Movie one and two.

Nothing the Jackass guys ever come up with will be able to top the Jackass series that was previously aired on MTV. The first movie was a tear-jerking comedy, but not as good as the series. The second movie was okay, still one of my favorites, but Jackass two point five? It did not make my expectations.

Sure, I know it’s only extra stuff that they couldn’t fit into Jackass Two, but now I know why they didn’t put that stuff in as opposed to their other stuff. It’s no longer a ‘bunch of idiots’ hanging out and doing stunts for a laugh, it’s downright disgusting.

Yeah, it’ll force the random chuckle here and there, and I still love Jackass with all my heart, but I really find it turns my stomach now, and I honestly don’t find it the fun-loving Jackass that it used to be.

Who wants to watch Steve-o drink beer that was poured over the longest fingernails in the world, and then watch him puke his guts up all over the sidewalk? Not me, that’s for sure. It was hard enough trying to stomach his stunt called the “Butt Chug.” In Jackass number two.

I’m just going to have to wait and find out if they put out a Jackass Three to make my final decision, but until that point (If it ever comes) I’m going to stick with my purchased seasons of MTV Jackass.

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